ākameyimo - Stay Strong


Hi, welcome to this webbed site... My Little Abode...

This website was mostly created for me to practice my coding skills, as well as just placing whatever I would like to put here. Epic fun!!!!!

This website is under a lot of construction! And most likely will stay that way for some time-

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Updates & News

26/05/2023 - The Links page work now lol

02/05/2023 - lord, rehauled the homepage after all this time-

07/01/2023 - Finally made an About page and fixed the links corresponding to the pages. The other links are still unfinished :o!

04/01/2023 - Holy shit, Happy new year! Four days late, but yeah! I hope 2023 treats you all well!

18/12/2022 - Forgot about the Website and left it unfinished for 4 weeks. :] Still working on it-

19/11/2022 - Went stupid and broke the website and then promptly fixed it again.

18/11/2022 - Site building started! Also TTCC updated :]