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I don't entirely know how to explain myself in all honesty. But, I'm an amature artist, basically. I like trying new things, ranging from art related, coding, writing, ect, ect... I generally really like World Building for Characters and what not. It's fun!

I write, draw, code, sometimes animate, mess with sounds, and make RPG maker games. My Original Characters make me very happy :]

Um. I guess if you have any questions, you can email me at: builtinone@hotmail.com. I will try to at least check it once a week to get back to you.

tamagotchipartypix Wanna party with my Tamagotchi? Here's the QR code!
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THEY'RE MY PARTNER!!! I LOVE THEM... pard'ner...


good fwiend, I like to haunt sage with ocs and aus


Puts Maci on a spinny chair and spins her really fast


Broke my door multiple times


so cool tbh. puts him on the counter