Personal Links

Stuff that I have created / some other websites I'm on

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  • Egg Kingdom (RPG)
      An old RPGmaker2003 OFF Fangame I created way back in 2015. It's not at all well made and it was created as a joke. I suffered throughout it all (Hosted on Mediafire)
  • Toon OC Generator
      It's a goofy little generator I made on the spur of the moment.
  • COG OC Generator
      It's a goofy little generator I made on the spur of the moment.

  • Tumblr (Weenierufu)
      Hi, this is my Art Tumblr
  • Tumblr (Astro-clicker)
      This is my other Tumblr that I made because my main account was terminated for a short time, due to a glitch that was going on around the website for some reason that I never really figured out about at all. But it's there!
  • Toyhouse
      I got a toyhouse... It's not very active, but I have it. And it has a good handful of my OC's there. Not all of them, just a few. I have over 300 OC's LMAO
  • Twitter
      Um. I'm on twitter. I post my art here occasionally
  • Bluesky
      Hey, Look, it's my Bluesky
  • Helpful Links

    Links that could be extremely helpful

  • 32bit.Cafe
      This website has a bunch of Web Crafting Guides & Resources. Ranging from Basic Website Making and other helpful stuff!
  • Melonland
      Melonland is dedicated to the "Web Revival" movement, as well as having some helpful links within the website :]
  • RSSguide
      It helps you understand how to use RSS feeds and what not. An offshoot of this guide, here's a tumblr post to show a bit more information
  • Easy USSR (guide)
      A guide on Piracy hosted here on Neocities
  • Bitburner
      Idle game that teaches you to write Javascript... guys be careful. this game may look fun but it's actually a ploy to get you to learn javascript
      Literally just an ad free youtube to mp3 site I found
  • Everyday Tasks
      Tumblr post that provides links on very simple instructions on how to do everyday tasks
  • Art Related

    Here are some Art stuff I like to use at times, as well as Character related stuff!

      A collaborative painting tool
  • Photopea
      Literally just Photoshop recreated entirely for free
  • How to Think About Composition [PDF]
      Well, it says what it says! It's available on this persons Ko-fi
  • Morpho - Fat and Skin Folds
      By Michel Lauricella, It's a PDF that teaches you how to draw Fat and Skin folds. One of the best resources out there for drawing fat bodies. You can either download the PDF or view it on that site
  • Morpho - Simplified Forms
      Michel Lauricella is a great beginners reference PDF. I recommend this to every artist who is just starting out. You'll have to download this one to view it
  • Michel Lauricella - 2DA TORSO
      By Michel Lauricella, it's a more in depth PDF about the torso and shows muscles and how they attach and move on the bones. This can either be downloaded or viewed on the site
  • Morpho - Hands and Feet: Anatomy for Artists
      By Michel Lauricella, It's exactly what it says! Hands and feet are often pretty difficult for artists. This PDF is a great resource. You'll have to download it to view it
  • Photomosh (Flashing Warning)
      Free website that lets you edit Images, Gifs, and Videos with Glitch effects, as well as many others
  • Comparing Heights
      It's a website that lets you measure the heights of up to 6 figures in either IMP. or MET
  • Drawing References
      Tumblr post that provides links and a list of websites that are very helpful for finding references
  • 1000 free brushes ok?
      "These r all from adobes site, if you don’t wanna bother getting a photoshop trial to download through that you can get em here, they can be imported into csp+procreate too since those programs support ABRs." - Tumblr user 'fishyartist'
  • MISC Links

    General links I tend to use

  • Native-Languages
      It's a good website to turn to for knowledge on a lot of native things (I'm cree hehe)
  • Creeliteracy
      Website all about the Cree Language "To retain, reclaim, revitalize and restore the language that is a birthright for themselves and their communities."
  • Linguistics and language books
      It's a giagantic MEGA link with many languages from all around the world. This person is keeping gigabytes worth of language books on this MEGA link and is Apparently regularly updated
  • DnD Assests to get lost into
      Free DnD assets hosted on a google drive. It has pretty much everything you need for DnD
  • Club Penguin Archives Wiki
      It's a website that hosts a bunch of the SWF flash files for Club Penguin. It's a mirror website, because the main just explodes often
  • Tamagotchi Center
      Fan website where someone offers a repair mail-in service, as well as codes and downloadable items for the Connection Line and the Pix/Pix Party line!
  • Rotating Sandwiches
      Rotating Sandwiches