OC / World / AU's Folders

Here are some folders for the Settings / Worlds some OC's are located in. They will take you to a new tab and you will be able to learn more about Characters in each world. That's if I finished placing in the information for you all to read--

Please note that a lot of this stuff here are not solely written by me only. I have had a lot of help from my Parter, Timer! And this stuff would be considered a collab between them and I. But also as a note, a lot of content here has a lot of potentionally sensitive material within them and there will be content warnings.

The Vessel

It's difficult to explain what this world is, but it's an old personal project from 2011/2012 that I had occasionally updated. The world and events that happen all take place in the mind of an Unnamed Individual who is 'The Vessel' of this entire world everything resides in.

This contains: Depictions of Mental illnesses, death, violence, alcohol.

Modern Weird Fiction Mature Themes

Red Rapids City

A hidden city deep and built within a forest full of secrets and mysteries. Protected by the Three Guardians of the City, they make sure the city is magically protected, despite the loss of two guardians. Residents believe the two live on as spirits.

This contains: Death, violence, abuse, organized crime, unreality, manipulation.

Urban Crime, mystery, and Horror Mature Themes


Aceverse is a Sci-fi, fantasy story about a group of EPF Agents and dimensional problems. All of the agents experience a strange event that had linked and 'marked' all of their dimensions together in some way on complete accident.

This contains: Death, violence, organized crime, and unreality.

1900's/3000's Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Pack Up Your Sins

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This contains: Death, violence, abuse, organized crime, manipulation, sensitive subjects.

1900's/2000's Fantasy Mature Themes